Chemical Free Cooling Water Treatment


VRTX and its chemical free cooling water treatment provides the refrigeration building and facilities management industries and end users a viable alternative to traditional chemical treatment, whilst also moving toward building sustainability by increasing water conservation and improving energy efficiency in evaporative cooling applications.


The patented VRTX treatment system utilises Controlled Hydrodynamic Cavitation (CHC) which provides proven and reliable water treatment to control scale, corrosion and bacteria whilst also improving employee safety and reducing environmental impact.


As a sustainable water treatment programme there are no chemicals in the cooling water effluent. Opportunities for additional water conservation include capturing this effluent for non potable water use. Dependant upon the local Authority regulations some customers may be permitted to discharge directly into surface water drains or other bodies of water such as PPC controlled water courses.


Effective water treatment can significantly impact the overall energy efficiency of evaporative cooling systems. Impurities that coat heat transfer surfaces drive up electricity consumption and can lower the life expectancy of equipment. VRTX eliminates the need for chemical addition while also treating for corrosion, scale and bacteria that can cause fouling in the cooling towers, evaporative condensers and fluid coolers. VRTX systems are engineered and designed to include filtration with every system installation. This combination keeps basins, and sump areas clean, while also removing dirt, debris, and other foreign matter scrubbed from the air by evaporative cooling equipment. VRTX treatment combined with filtration keeps heat transfer surfaces clean and operating efficiently.


Typical capital payback for the systems is 12 months to 3 years. The industries served include super market distribution centres, food manufacturing facilities, energy centres, and pharmaceutical research and development centres,



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